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Trim, Attractive, Active


As the summer days are upon us, it is now, more than ever that people want to look trim. People are outdoors more, socialising more, enjoying times and making memories with family and friends.  Making the most of the long sunny days, before the winter is here again and we all go back into hibernation.  People feel happy; they wear lovely summer clothes that show off their sun kissed skin and they show more flesh to help keep cool.  So it is important for people to feel happy within themselves to be able to do this.


So I find myself asking, how do we get to be trim? Everywhere you look these days there’s some sort of ‘new diet’ on the market, that has been proven to boost energy and burn that excess fat you’ve been carrying around since winter.  They can’t all be right surely, but people buy into these crazes, they spend lots of money and they may see results, but as soon as they go back to their natural eating, the weight piles back on and then some.  This is because they usually starve the body of essential calories needed.  No one should ever eat less than their BMR (Basal metabolic rate).  Your BMR is the calories needed for your body to lie in bed and do nothing.  This number is pretty high, you might be surprised, but your body burns a significant amount of calories performing involuntary tasks, such as breathing and digesting food.  If we eat less than our BMR, or we eat food that is not nutritionally good for us, our body goes into a fat storing mode, meaning when we do eat, our fat cells are ready and waiting to grab the fat and store it, hence us getting fatter.  This is not what we want.  It’s like our bodies against us, we try really hard but yet we’re putting weight on.  So how do we get our bodies working for us, not against us?  We need our bodies in fat burning mode.


Fat burning mode is created by eating the right food, at the right time. Eating five small meals is better than eating three large meals.  Think of your body as a fire, by constantly adding a little bit of fuel to the fire, the fire will keep the burning flames at a steady rate rather than throwing lots of fuel on it, creating a big fire, letting that burn out before adding more.  In doing this, you will have peaks and troughs in energy, which can lead to snacking on unhealthy, quick fix snacks to add a quick boost of energy.  But it’s not just about the times we eat; it’s the food we eat as well.  By eating fast food little and often, you will not see the results you desire.  We need to have a mixture of complex carbohydrates and protein along with healthy fats.  These are our main sources of energy and our diet should include them all.  If you are doing a diet that excludes any of these, then it will not be healthy, it will not be balanced, it will not be enjoyable and it will not be sustainable.  Therefore it is not worth doing.  Food is a pleasure, enjoy it don’t abuse it.  With a little education, we can all have a happy healthy relationship with food.



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