New Year Resolutions

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New Year Resolutions


At the beginning of the month, I wished everyone Happy New Year, and asked the question, was people making a New Years Resolution?  The end of one year and the start of another causing people to set resolutions, that they will ‘stick’ to and be healthier, happier, crazier even?  Do things they’d never dreamed of before, all because as the clock strikes midnight, a New Year begins.  But how many people really stick to these well intended resolutions.


champagne-1033655__340Well according to research, most resolutions are broken by 9th January.  I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count all the people I’ve seen on social media who has given up on ‘Dry January!’  So why is this?  Do we set unachievable goals, expect too much from ourselves?  Are people just too lazy to commit to anything, and once it becomes difficult we just give in, or is it that resolutions are simply made to be broken?


But on the flip side, what’s different in the people who stick with their resolutions.  They set out what they want to change and they stick with it.  They push through and they make it work.  They drop a dress size by Easter, they lose 10% body fat, they climb the mountain.  What’s different in these people.  And the answer is their mind!


mindsetThey make a shift in their mind.  They work through their blocks, able to push past these and succeed.  It’s not an easy path to walk down, but it’s one they are determined to walk.  By focusing on what they will gain by achieving their goal, self respect/belief, confidence, smaller jeans, whatever their reason why, it helped them to achieve their goals.  So it’s not a case of New Year, New You, its a New Mindset, New You.  For if you want to succeed, first you must start with your Mindset.



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