Daily struggles 

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Daily struggles 

scalesIt’s often said to me, things like, “It’s ok for you to eat anything you want”, and “well you’re a fitness instructor so weight/diet doesn’t affect you.”  Well let me tell you, it affects us all.  I am by far, nowhere near perfect with MY training, or MY diet.  I gain ‘un-wanted’ weight from time to time and I can struggle to lose it the same as everyone else.  I can also lack motivation for myself.  I can be someone else’s motivation all day long, but like everyone else, when my working day is over, sometimes I just don’t feel like exercising.  Sometime ago (in my twenties) diet wasn’t so much of a problem, of course I couldn’t just eat anything and evelazydogry thing all the time, but I found just by exercising more I could control my weight.  Now I am a Mum, and in my Thirties, exercise alone doesn’t quite cut it and I am having to watch what I eat a little more carefully. 



I have never been on a diet, and I don’t ever want to be.  To be honest, they don’t sound fun at all and I love food and don’t want the enjoyment of eating taken away from me.  What I do need, is to be disciplined with my diet (the food I eat) and training.  The people we may look up to, who seem to have the perfect body, they aren’t just ‘blessed’ with this.  They work at it daily.  They are disciplined in what they eat and when they eat it, combined with a fitness regime that suits them.  Do they have wobbles where they snack on biscuits and cream cakes?  Of course they do, but it’s not a daily occurrence.  We are all allowed a little indulgence from time to time, it is when the indulgence turns to daily that it becomes a problem. womentraining



Each day we get up, we are faced with choices.  We choose what we wear, what activity we will do that day, what we will eat etc.  Our days are filled with choices, so many choices, mostcalendar-660670_960_720 are unconscious choices and we don’t even realise that we’ve made them.  When it comes to our diet, we need our choices to be conscious ones, with a hope that over time, because we have made the right choices that often they become unconscious.  It becomes easier then, good habits are formed, what we don’t want is the ‘bad’ choices to become permanent.  If this happens, it is hard to break the cycle of the mindless snacking.  Forward planning, such as a weekly diet sheet may help to combat this.  You plan your meals in advance, and buy only the ingredients required for those meals.  No waste, no mindless snacking, and it’s cost effective.  All it takes is a little bit of planning.  

You’re not alone 

Don’t worry if you find yourself snacking on ’empty’ calories.  We are all there at one time or another.  And with Christmas on our doorstep, it becomes harder and harder to restrain yourself, because food is just there, all the time!  What you need to do is become aware of the times you’re doing this.  Is it when the baby has had you up all night (been there far too many time), or is it night time, when you’re watching your favourite TV show, or is snacks not the problem, are you just eating ‘convenience’ food (takeaways) because time just passes you by?  I often find that sitting down and writing a couple of days ‘food diary’ (an honest one, including all the biscuits you’ve snacked on) helps to identify ‘bad habits/choices’.  Knowledge of this will help to overcome this.  If you read my previous Blog ‘Little pickers wear big knickersyou will know that a simple daily over eat of 100kcal-300kcal will result in between 10 and 33 pounds of fat gained in one year.  That’s a big deal, but with a little bit ok knowledge, will power and decision making, we can avoid this, and there will be no need for the weekly weigh ins on the sad step.  calories

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