Diastasis Recti Recovery

During pregnancy, as the uterus grows as the pregnancy develops, the core muscles are placed under enormous amounts of stress, and the mid-line of the abdomen separates.  This is inevitable and it is essential for the growth of our babies.

The separation is known as Diastasis Recti.  It occurs in all full term pregnancies, and the female body is pretty amazing and can repair itself very well.  However, there are some unfortunate Women, who’s separation is too vast for the body to heal itself and external help is required.

It is believed that if at 8 weeks postpartum, there is still Diastasis Recti present, then it will still be present at 1 year.  This is a problem.  Core strength and stability is essential in day to day life.  This is why I developed my 6 week Diastasis Recti Recovery Programme.  I have had 100% success rate with this course and I am proud to have helped Mothers within their recovery period, allowing them to go through Motherhood feeling strong and empowered.