Antenatal fitness

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Antenatal fitness

I am a MASSIVE fan of maintaining your fitness through pregnancy, and I can definitely see a change in other people’s opinions of it.  For a long time I believe people seen pregnancy as a time to stop exercising, and to ‘eat for two’.  This only leads to a sedentary lifestyle and excessive and unnecessary weight gain.  Then this follows on into Motherhood, and we start to see patterns of Yoyo dieting, feelings of guilt and shame for eating food and enjoying life.  Nobody wants this!


bumps-2-babes-logo-150When I was pregnant with my Son, in 2013, I came across a lot of people who believed that I was going to hurt myself, or even worse my baby because I remained active and carried on exercising.  As I’ve mentioned before, it was this that made me decided to start Bumps 2 babes fitness because I wanted to educate people and to give Women the opportunity to exercise safely and without the judgement of others.  Although I don’t think we are fully there just yet, I can definitely start to see a shift in peoples attitude.


Fitness through pregnancy is slightly different to pre-pregnancy and post-pregnancy.  I think maybe this is why some people, and some fitness professionals who are not trained in this area tend to shy away from it, and maybe promote the sedentary lifestyle.  I have been pregnant, and exercised through both.  I also took the time to actively become qualified in Pre and Postnatal fitness because I wanted to offer the best care to Women.

During pregnancy, our exercise programme is designed to Maintain our fitness levels and not to promote it.  It’s not the time to be putting ourselves through excessive training to get a Personal Best, or to run further, or lift more.  It is about working with what you already have and maintaining that level, so we are active and healthy.  As I said, working within your comfort zones, and this is why, like every fitness programme, your pregnancy fitness will be different to everyone else’s, because you are unique.  So it is always advisable to work alongside a Qualified professional throughout your pregnancy and within the postpartum period.


A problem I have come across for the expectant Mother is clothing.  We need comfort, but we also need style.  Just because we are pregnant doesn’t mean we should lose our individuality or our sass.  This includes when we attend the gym.  Why should we now need to pinch our fellas T-shirts just so we can attend an Antenatal fitness class, that doesn’t show off our gorgeous bump, if anything just makes us feel a bit frumpy.


chloeslogoThis is why I can’t recommend Bump2babyfitness antenatal clothing range enough.  Clothing made to make us feel and look amazing during pregnancy.  It offers comfort and support, and we can show our bumps off rather than hide it under a baggy mans T-shirt.  (I’m sure your fella will be made up to keep his own clothes as well!)

I am also happy to be able to offer you 10% each and every order you make, by using the code, Bumps2babesfitness



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