Ante-natal fitness

Ante-natal fitness

Exercise throughout pregnancy is very beneficial for both mother and baby. However it does need to be suitable for pregnancy, and easily adaptable throughout the three trimesters.
Exercising whilst pregnant is meant to maintain current fitness levels, and never to gain, to help prevent excess weight gain and to maintain the health and well being for both mother and child.

Prior to starting classes at bumps 2 babes fitness, a pre-exercise screening will take place to ensure that it is safe to proceed with fitness. Although exercise is beneficial through pregnancy, there are some cases when exercise should cease until after birth has taken place.

Bumps 2 babes fitness will carry out pre-exercise screening with each lady to ensure the safety of all clients. All classes can be adapted to meet the needs of each individual and 1:1 training is available upon request.



Pam Pye

October 16, 2015at 1:52 pm


I am a first time mum to be and looking at anti-natal classes. I am 13.5 weeks pregnant and go swimming once a week and walking as often as I can. I am wondering though if these classes would be beneficial for me as I am 104kg and my BMI is 35, despite me being relatively fit and having no pregnancy problems so far.

I live in St Helens so Queens Park Leisure Centre would be my nearest class. Can you advise how I would go about booking in for this as my leisure centre said I have to do it via your website


    Jo (bumps2babes)

    October 17, 2015at 9:19 am

    Hi Pam
    I have emailed you back, not sure if you got it?
    So long as no Doctor/midwife has said to not exercise then I’m sure we can work together, as classes can easily be adapted and ladies are encouraged to work to their own level of fitness.

    During Pregnancy, we exercise to maintain what fitness we have, not to promote it. Feel free to contact me directly for more info, or to book on
    Thanks Jo xx


June 7, 2016at 2:41 am

Im thankful for the forum topic.Thanks Again. Will read on… Lepley

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